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In our everyday lives, we get exposed to chemicals or toxins from the air we breathe, the products we use, the medications we take, and the food we eat. The build-up of toxins can lead to an imbalance in the body, giving rise to diseases. Toxin build-up in the body causes liver disorders, obesity, irregular sleep patterns, fatigue, and even cancer. Good news is our bodies have the capacity to rid of these harmful substances through detoxification pathways. Detoxification has a significant impact on human health.

The process of detoxification refers to the cycle in which toxins build-up in the body and how they are removed. This process is completed naturally by the liver and the liver does not have to be cleansed to complete its function.

Some individuals may potentially build up toxins faster than others and may be prone to remove toxins slower than others. EatwellgxTM+ will help you to uncover this information about your body. After you have discovered this new information about your body, you will learn how to limit toxin build-up in the body and how to support toxin removal via the liver.

The following are the common toxin substances that can be obtained through food:

  1. Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs)

HCAs specifically form when the amino acids (building blocks of protein), sugars and creatinine (in the muscle of various animal proteins) react at high temperatures. Animal proteins include all red meat, poultry, fish and seafood.

  1. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

PAHs form when the fat and juices, from animal protein, drip onto an open flame/high-temperature surface resulting in flames/ smoke. The smoke contains PAH’s that will stick to the surface of animal proteins. PAH’s are also formed during the process of smoking meats, such as smoked salmon.

Here are the ways on how you reduce the build-up of HCAs and PAHs:

  • Avoid exposing animal proteins to an open flame.
  • Avoid exposing animal proteins to a hot metal surface.
  • Avoid cooking animal proteins for prolonged periods of time.
  • Focus on low temperature (<180 °C) cooking methods.
  • Grill using charcoal briquettes, as these burn at lower temperatures.
  • Keep your grill clean.
  • Avoid eating well-done or overcooked animal proteins.
  • Remove animal proteins from the grill as soon as they are done cooking.
  • Use the microwave to partially cook animal proteins before exposing them to high temperatures. This reduces high-temperature cooking time.
  • Marinade animal proteins with an acidic marinade (lemon, lime, vinegar, tomato, yoghurt etc.). This creates a liquid barrier around the animal proteins which reduces the risk of it burning.
  • Continuously turn animal proteins over, on a grill, to reduce the risk of burning.
  • Remove the charred portions of the animal proteins before eating them. This contains the highest concentration of toxins.
  • Avoid making gravy from animal fat drippings.
  • Focus on using moist cooking methods such as boiling, steaming, poaching, stewing, pressure cooking etc. This creates a liquid barrier around the animal proteins which reduces the risk of it burning.
  • Avoid purchasing processed animal proteins such as sausages, ham, bacon, burgers etc.
  • Avoid purchasing smoked meats or home-smoking animal proteins. This includes things like smoked salmon, smoked beef, smoked chicken etc.
  • Avoid purchasing cured animal proteins.

Our genetics also play a role in how well our internal antioxidant system functions. Antioxidants can be found both in food and within our bodies, and their main role is to protect the body from any toxin damage. We all have an internal antioxidant system that does this for us, but sometimes this system does not function at full capacity. We can determine whether this is the case based on your genetics. If your genetics reveal that your internal antioxidant system may not be functioning at full capacity, you will learn a few easy steps on how to support this internal system with dietary antioxidants.

Don’t rely on detox teas and other detox myths to “cleanse” your body. Make the better choice and choose EatwellgxTM+. Become empowered by finding out the rate at which your body builds-up and removes toxins, as well as how well your internal antioxidant system functions. Find out how you can optimise all these processes in the body to be as healthy as you can be.


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