DNA Testing, Storage and Potential Future Research Consent Form

Who we are?

Livewellgx™ International Pte. Ltd is a Singapore based company working under the name Livewellgx™ (Incorporated in
Singapore, Address: 30 Cecil Street, #19-08 Prudential Tower, License number 202105640M), for the purpose of direct-to-business
sales of wellness genetics sample collection kits, and services related to the creation of genetic reports. We have operations in
different parts of the world, and we work with our agents and distributors as well as many associated labs and subcontractors
in order to provide our services. Livewellgx™, its current and future agents, distributors, associated labs and sub-contractors shall
be referred to hereunder as “We and/or Us”.

Who you are?

You are the person giving the Sample and providing this consent on your own behalf, or you are the person who is providing
this consent on behalf of someone else giving the Sample, such as a child or a dependent. If you are giving this consent on
behalf of someone else, you certify that you have the legal capacity to act on behalf of that individual being a parent or a

A Sample is the saliva-buccal cell sample or the biospecimen you have provided to us for testing and/or the DNA isolated from
that specimen. By providing a Sample to us, you are aware, and you consent that we will store the Sample (Biobanking), test
it, have it analyzed and processed either directly or through sub-contractors and/or associated labs. We aim to provide you
with all the relevant facts that will enable you to make an informed decision. You also give Us your overall consent to perform
genetic testing on the Sample and as per the product you have purchased.

Testing and Results

While conducting the testing, we look for any genetic variant of uncertain significance including any mutant in the genes
(Genetic Analysis} associated with the specific product you have purchased.

Due to the complexity of genetic testing and the possible implications of test results, these results will only be reported to the
person providing this consent provided they are authorized to act on their own behalf or on behalf of the person giving the

You may also use test results to assist you to make educated lifestyle-based changes, in line with your body requirements, based
on the analysis of your genetic materials. The results may also indicate the presence of any change, which we call as ‘genetic
variant of uncertain significance’ or a ‘mutation’ which explains further the traits that you or the person whose Sample is being
tested could be affected with.

It is your responsibility to take the Sample as per the specific instructions provided in order to secure high quality samples. For
policies regarding failed samples please review the terms and conditions within your client portal.

Communication with partner doctors or other health care providers

If we have received your DNA kit registration and your personal details through one of our partners who is a doctor or a health
care provider (”Partners”), you hereby grant your consent that we will snare a copy of the DNA report or any other information
and reports and test results with the Partners that provided your information to us. You accept to indemnify, release and agree
to hold us harmless including our agents, distributors, officers, directors, subcontractors, associated labs, and employees from
all claims, demands, and damages of every kind and nature (including without limitation to actual, soecial, incidental and
consequential}, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way
connected with the disclosure of DNA reports or test results with any Partner that initiated the registration process and provided
your personal information to us.

Biobanking Storage

Unless you notify us otherwise, we will store the sample for a minimum of twenty-five years at our facilities,
at the facilities of our subcontractors or at the facilities of associated labs. Storage, testing, analyzing, research or processing shall take place in the
country where we have operationsin accordance with the applicable laws in each country respectively. All storage of Samples
will take place according to all applicable government regulations at the country of storage and we will make sure to follow
all guidelines and best practices of the industry.

Future Analysis

We may contact you in case there is any requirement to re-analyze your Sample, or if there is any indication that storing the
Sample or your data in excess of the 25-year period stated herein would be beneficial to current and future studies. We may
also use the Sample for research, and you consent that anonymized data extracted from your Sample may be used for research

We leverage some of the most advanced technologies currently available like genetic sequencing while adhering to our
Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. However, and as technology keeps advancing, new techniques may be developed
in the future and additional analysis could become possible to extract more information from your Sample. Therefore, you
hereby consent to have your Sample researched or analyzed again using new or updated sequencing technologies. This
analysis may focus on a particular set of genes or region-based genes. In addition, we may leverage the futuristic sequencing
analysis procedure to compare sequence data with large public databases so as to identify and classify the functional genetic

Opting Out of Future Analysis

Should your choose to withdraw your consent to the analysis, or if you decide not to have your DNA analysed further in the
future, this can be done at any time in full or in part and you need not provide any reason for it. To Opt-Out of Future Analysis,
please send an email to [email protected] with the subject: Opt-Out Future Analysis, in the body of the email please
include your full name or the name of individual you act on their behalf as well the barcode registered to your kit/s. Once we
receive your Opt-Out email, we will make sure that no further analysis will take place.

Potential Risks

While there are almost no risks involved in genetic testing, there is a potential amount of emotional risk involved. The findings
might disappoint or have social consequences that are unforeseen at the time of conducting the test.

People involved may feel angry, depressed, anxious, or guilty about the results. In some cases, genetic testing creates tension
within a family because the results can reveal information about other family members in addition to the person whose Sample
is being tested. The future may reveal additional risks such as the possibility of genetic discrimination in employment or insurance.

We shall not be held liable in a way or form for any and all implications mentioned herein that might result.
Right Not to Know

You have the right not to be informed of test results (Right Not to Know) and to stop the testing processes at any time up to
being given the results and to request the destruction of all analysis results. To exercise your Right Not to Know, please send an
email to [email protected] with the subject: Right Not to Know, in the body of the email please include your full mame or
the name of individual you act on their behalf as well the barcode registered to your kit/s. Once we receive your Right Not to
Know-email, we will make sure that we will stop processing the test and will act upon your instructions if you want to destroy all
analysis results.

Data Protection

How do We protect Your data

We are subject to, and fully comply with, the privacy and security requirements under all relevant regulatory requirements in
the countries where we operate and store data. We take great care to use technical, administrative and physical safeguards
to secure your personal information and protect it against misuse, loss or alteration. Information that you provide through our
websites is encrypted using industry-standard secure sockets layer (SSL) technology, with the exception of information you send
via email. Your information is processed and stored on controlled servers with restricted access.

You play a vital role in protecting your information. Please refrain from emailing us any sensitive information. Please also be sure
to choose a secure password when registering for a Livewellgx™ portal account and never reveal this password to any third-
parties. Immediately notify us if you become aware of any unauthorized access to your account so we can disable it.

You further consent that we may collect the following data about you and about the individual who provided the Sample (in
each case in so far as provided):

Personal details (including name and address)

Family relations

Age/date of birth




Symptoms and other medical information about any disease history
Study material/sample with identifiable genetic data

DNA testing report

All the data we collect will be stored for as long as required by the law in the country where we operate. The data will be
processed — partially also in data centers operated by service providers under our control andinstructions – for the performance
of the genetic analysis you have requested. Such data may also be stored and processed for those further purposes as specified
in any additional information relevant to any specific products you have purchased. Processing and storage of your data may
also be made by us or other associated partners whom we work with to fulfil our obligations.

General Research Consent

Consent Document – Key Points

Livewellgx™ supports and promotes scientific discoveries and publishes its papers across different scientific journals. We invite
you to take part in this project known as Livewellgx™ Research.

The purpose of the Research:

To get started you must agree to the terms in our full consent document listed out below. The information pertained in this
document, is in resoect to additional research conducted over and above the basic information requested to facilitate the
purchase, testing, and reporting, and product specific questions asked in order to facilitate your port-report consultation.

How to participate in Livewellgx™ Research?

You can take up the survey of your choice and answer to your preferred ‘medical history’ based questions.

Can your children/dependents take part in Livewellgx™ Research?

If your child/dependent is interested then he/she may take part in Livewellgx™ Research, provided the parent or legal guardian
gives explicit consent to Livewellgx™ to use their genetic & self-reported information for Research.

Which of your personal data is used for Research?

The information you have provided us i.e., your genetic data will be used for our Research. It could be used as de-
identified and individual level information, depending on the type of research

Your personal information i.e., your name, contact information, and credit card information will not be used, this
personal information may be used to communicate with you and during the checkout process, to facilitate the
process of finalising the payment of your purchase/s.

What does “de-identified” mean?

“De-identified Data’ refers to removing your personal information and substituting it with random IDs, such as aloha-numerals
(A2KJ48HOD) or numbers (098765), thus making it nearly impossible and very hard to connect to the remaining data points to
any individual. Any Genetic & Self-Reported Information you allow us to share will be associated with that code, not with your

What does “individual-level” mean?

Individual-level means the data are related to a single person. This is different from the Livewellgx™ Main Research Consent you
signed which allows us to share only information that has been combined or “pooled” with data from other research

By giving our researchers access to individual-level data, we enable them to analyse your genetic data more thoroughly, which
further leads us to significant scientific discoveries.

Who are the research collaborators?

Research partners range from academic institutions and non-profit organizations to pharmaceutical and diagnostic
companies. These research partners employ scientists who study many different health topics. Each parinershio undergoes a
rigorous screening process by a Livewellgx™ scientific committee to ensure the goals and methods of the research are aligned
with Livewellgx™ mission and consistent with any of our associated research consent documents.

Who gets to see my personal information?

Our Privacy Policy clearly explains in details who is permitted access to your personal information.

Our researchers and collaborators will have access to your de-identified genetic information. Livewellgx™ researchers,
who contact you, will have access to only names and contact information

We may share some data with external research partners and in scientific publications for the purposes of Research.
That being said, your data will be ‘de-identified’ and never be made public

We may share the information with other agencies as required by law. In this case we will apply reasonable efforts to
notify you unless prevented by law.

What can the research collaborators do with my data?

Our research partners must sign an agreement which describes what they can and can’t do with your data (for example, who
can have access and what specific projects the data can be used for). We require strict data security measures which must
be in place before we will release any data to them. The agreement also prohibits research collaborators from trying to identify
you in any way or sharing your data outside the approved project.

We will never share your Genetic & Self-Reported Information for marketing purposes with our collaborators. You can learn more
about how we share information for marketing purposes in our Privacy Policy.

How will you benefit from this Research?

By taking surveys you may learn about Livewellgx™’s Research findings, including how your answers compare with
those of others and new discoveries made by Livewellgx™’’s Research program

Sometime in the future, you or your family may benefit indirectly from research discoveries made by Livewellgx™ or its
Research partners

Can you stop taking part in Livewellgx™ Research?

Yes, you can withdraw from Livewellgx™ Research at any time.

Upon receipt of your request to remove your data, we will apply reasonable efforts to remove it, and your data will
not be included in studies that start more than 30 days after you withdraw {it may take Up to 30 days to withdraw your
information after you withdraw your consent). All other data will remain in the already initiated research if deletion will
not be possible or practical.

Full Consent Document

One of Livewellgx™’s missions is to support and promote significant life sciences’ discoveries by motivating the clients to
participate directly in research. The Research aims at:

Discover genetic factors behind diseases and traits
Uncover connections among diseases and traits
Understand how people react to their personal genetic information

Livewellgx™ seeks your voluntary participation in Livewellgx™ Research.

Tris Research Consent Document explains the following –

What you are agreeing to

How you can participate

How your data willbe used

How we protect your data and keep it private

Tne benefits and risks of participation

Your options and how to withdraw

Who you should contact if you have questions

What are you agreeing to

When you click on the checkbox, it means that you provide your explicit consent to let Livewellgx™ researchers use your
Genetic & Self-Reported Information for Livewellgx™ Research, for the purposes as described in this document. “Genetic & Self-
Reported Information” refers to:

Your genetic data

Information you enter into surveys, forms and other features labelled with the Livewellgx™ Research logo

Data you authorise us to import for Research (if we request health information, we will ask you to review a separate
Authorization form)

Your age and ethnicity

Self-Reported Information includes any information you sUomitted to us prior to giving this consent.

IF you have chosen to have your DNA buccal sample stored, we may also use the results of further analysis of your sample in
Livewellgx™ Research. Your Genetic & Self-Reported Information does not include identifying Registration Information you
provided when you purchased the Personal Genome Service or created an account (such as name, address, email address,
user ID, password, or credit card information)

How do you participate

There are two options – Allowing Livewellgx™ researchers to use your Genetic & Self-Reported Information for Livewellgx™ Research
Entering data about yourself into Livewellgx™ Research features on the Livewellgx™ website

These features include surveys, individual questions, and other features where you enter information. If you do not feel
comfortable providing a piece of information, you may choose not to answer that question. You may choose to take all, some,
or none of the surveys.

The Livewellgx™ Research study is open-ended: new surveys and features may be added on a continuing basis. If new surveys
or features are added, we may invite you to complete these activities. We may also invite you to participate in a specific study
if your Genetic & Self-Reported Information matches the area of interest. Such invitations will be sent Using routine
communication methods, such as email, push notifications or announcements when you sign in to your account.

Your participation in the Livewellgx™ Research study is completely voluntary and usually free of charge. If uoon our choice we
would like to offer to compensate your participation in a particular study, we will notify you.

How will your data be used in Livewellgx™ Research

Your genetic data and the information you have shared with us while registering on our website may be used to discover links
between genetic markers, non-genetic markers, traits, diseases, behaviours, and other characteristics; to study human
migrations and population history; or to assess how people resoond to personal genetic information.

Discoveries made as a result of this research could be used to understand the basic causes of disease, develop drugs or other
treatments and/or preventive measures, or predict a person’s risk of disease. The topics to be studied may span a wide range
of traits and conditions, from common to rare. The topics include simple traits such as hair colour or freckles, serious diseases
such hypertension or diabetes, and less serious conditions such as migraine headaches or response to over-the-counter drugs.
Some of these studies may be sponsored by or conducted on behalf of third parties, such as non-profit foundations, academic
institutions or pharmaceutical companies.

When Livewellgx™ conducts studies on such sensitive topics, you will be provided additional information to help you decide
whether you want to participate in research on these topics.

How do we secure your information

Our Privacy Policy clearly mentions how we protect your privacy while conducting business, such as providing our
services to you

Livewellgx™ uses arange of physical, technical, and administrative procedures to protect the privacy of your personal
information, including your genetic data and your survey responses

If you agree to this Research Consent Document, Livewellgx™ can use your information in additional ways. Specifically,
this means that Livewellgx™ researchers can use your data for research that will be published in scientific journals, or
that is sponsored by other Health organisations

Just as Livewellgx™ aims to minimize the chances of a privacy breach while conducting its business, Livewellgx™
researchers aim to minimize the chances of a privacy breach while conducting research. Here are the main ways we
do that:

The Livewellgx™ researchers who conduct the statistical analyses do not have access to Registration
Information (name, address, email address, user ID, password, or credit card) of customers
Livewellgx™ researchers who interact with research particioants and conduct interviews have access to
names and contact information of participants, but only to very limited genetic and other personal

To minimize the chance that an external person can determine that any particular customer is part of a
study, Livewellgx™ researchers either publish only data pooled across multiole customers or publish only very
limited, non-identifying information of a single individual
All Livewellgx™ employees are trained on how to work with human research particioants. In addition, all
Livewellgx™ researchers are trained on how to conduct research responsibly

We will disclose however, information provided by you for research purposes if we are required by law.

What are the benefits and risks of participation


One of Livewellgx™ ‘s missions is to make significant scientific contributions by enabling its customers to participate
directly in genetic research

If Livewellgx™ publishes study results in peer-reviewed journals, there may be an indirect benefit to you as scientific
knowledge increases and/or new drugs or tests are developed

Comparison of your personal survey responses to those of all resoonders, additional information about genetics,
genetic research or the Livewellgx™ study, and/or preliminary research findings

It is possible that as a result of research Livewellgx™ may develop certain intellectual property and/or commercialize products
developed as a result of research. In this case you will not receive any compensation and all intellectual property developed
shall be solely and irrevocably owned by us.


There are some potential risks to particioating in the Livewellgx™ Research study, as described below.

Some survey questions or data comparisons may make you or your family members Uncomfortable

Your genetic data, survey responses, and/or personal information may be stolen in the event of a security breach. In
the event of such a breach, if your data are associated with your identity, they may be made public, which could
have anegative effect on your ability to obtain health, life or personal insurance coverage

If you or afamily member has genetic data linked to your name or your family member’s name in a public database,
someone who has access to your Livewellgx™ genetic data might be able to link that data to your name or your
family member’s name through the publicly available genetic data

Although Livewellgx™ cannot provide a 100% guarantee that your data will be safe, Livewellgx™ has strong policies
and procedures in place to minimize the possibility of a breach

When Livewellgx™ researchers publish results from this ongoing study, they may include your Genetic & Self-Reported
Information but only as part of a summary across enough people to minimize the chance that your personal
information will be exoosed

Identification of your individual-level data from those summaries would be extremely difficult, but it is possible that a
third party that has obtained some of your genetic data could compare that partial data to the published results and
infer some of your other personal information

As with any online service, if you disclose your account password to others, they may be able to access your account
and your Genetic & Self-Reported Information

There may be additional risks to participation that are curently unforeseeable

None of the surveys or other procedures used by the researchers in the Livewellgx™ Research study is invasive or
experimental. The procedures involved do not involve more than the minimal risks described above

We shall not be held liable in an way or form for any and all implications that might occur as a result of any of the above-
mentioned risks.

Can you withdraw from this study?

You have the option not to participate in the Livewellgx™ Research study

Even if you don’t participate in the survey, your Genetic & Self-Reported Information may still be Used for other
purposes, as described in our Privacy Policy.

You may choose to change your consent status to either take part in Livewellgx™ Research or to withdraw all or some
of your Genetic & Self-Reported Information from Livewellgx™ Research at any time

Your consent status is located in the Livewellgx™ “Settings” page (if you experience problems changing your consent
status, you can e-mail us, [email protected] })

Upon receipt of your request to remove your all or some of your Genetic & Self-Reported Information, we will apply
reasonable efforts to remove it, and Livewellgx™ will prevent that information from being used in new Livewellgx™
Research initiated after 30 days from receipt of your request (it may take Up to 30 days to withdraw your information
after you withdraw your consent}. All other data will remain in the already initiated research if deletion will not be
possible or practical.

Any research on your data that has been performed or published prior to the date of your request will not be reversed,
undone, or withdrawn

Transfer of ownership. If Livewellgx™ undergoes a business transition such as an acquisition or merger, the Livewellgx™
Research study may be terminated. In such case, your information would remain subject to the promises made in any
pre-existing Privacy Policy.

Termination of service. Livewellgx™ may terminate your access to the Personal Genome Service for any of the five
reasons described in the Terms and Conditions. If your access to the Personal Genome Service is terminated for any
of these reasons, your participation in the Livewellgx™ Research study may also be terminated.

Who do I contact if | have questions?

IF you have general questions and need help with Livewellgx’s products, please contact:
EMAIL ADDRESS [email protected]
POSTAL ADDRESS Livewellgx International Pte. Ltd

30 Cecil Street
#19-08 Prudential Tower
Tne Republic of Singapore