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Nutrition is an extensive topic that can be broken down into many smaller groups to make it easier to understand. Various nutritional factors, such as vitamins and minerals, play a role in ensuring that you have a healthy immune system.

The immune system is made up of a variety of organs, cells and other components that help to fight infection. Our immune system is extremely clever as it remembers every single virus or bacteria it has ever protected you from. Most of the time your cells can tell your immune system if it recognizes an infection and then your immune system can defeat it quickly.

The immune system will not necessarily benefit from a specific food but rather from specific nutrients. For the immune system to function correctly, vitamins and minerals are required to support the different phases of the immune response. ImmuwellgxTM will help you to uncover which vitamins and minerals you should focus on to support your immune system. Each micronutrient that is linked to the immune system plays a different but equally important role in ensuring optimal health.

There are a variety of cells involved in the immune system:

  • White blood cells – they find any foreign components like viruses, diseases and fungi, in the body and helps the immune system to launch an attack on them
  • Cells that makeup antibodies – antibodies fight foreign components in the body and the toxins they produce
  • Cells that make up the spleen – the spleen helps to remove foreign components from the body and helps to remove old red blood cells from the body
  • Cells that makeup bone marrow – bone marrow helps to make red blood cells that we need to carry oxygen throughout the body as well as white blood cells that we need to fight foreign components that enter the body
  • Cells that make up the thymus – the thymus helps to make white blood cells that we need to fight foreign components that come into the body

To support your immune system the best you can, make the better choice and choose ImmuwellgxTM.


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