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In today’s world, where the concept of genetics has become more widely known, a large portion of individuals have come to accept that their nutrient requirements have something to do with their body’s personal requirements. The extent of this is not widely known but can be discovered in both EatwellgxTM and EatwellgxTM+.

When we look at the concept of nutrition in its entirety, it can be very overwhelming with the number of factors and requirements to consider. Therefore, it’s easier to break it down when we discuss it. Your nutrient requirements can be broken down into two major groups namely, macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients, macro meaning large, refers to the nutrients required by the body in large amounts. Whereas micronutrients, micro meaning small, describe the nutrients required by the body in smaller amounts.

Macronutrients refer to three major nutrients namely, carbohydrates, fats and protein. With a lot of information and diets available on the internet, there is a never-ending debate regarding how much of each of these three nutrients we should consume. The answer to that debate is… it depends on who you ask. Everyone has a different opinion and each new diet will provide, what looks like, convincing evidence to substantiate their claims. The truth, however, is that it varies from person to person. The balance of macronutrients that you require to meet your health goal is different from what I would require to meet my health goal.

Through continuously emerging science, we have been able to utilize genetics to provide you with a more concrete answer to this question. Through EatwellgxTM, you will uncover your optimal carbohydrate and fat requirements. From there, we can go a bit deeper into each of these macronutrients and determine what type of carbohydrates you should focus on. This information will make up the foundation of your nutrient requirements moving forward.

Make the better choice and choose EatwellgxTM to help us determine the foundation of your nutritional requirements to meet your health goals.



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